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Oct. 6th, 2010

just a girl

Sookieverse Timeline!

Because sometime it can be a bit confusing...

1. Dead until Dark- between April 4th and June 21st 2004
2. Living Dead in Dallas - Early September 2004
3. Club Dead -December 1-13th 2004
4. Dead to the World -First weeks of January 2005
* "Fairy Dust" from Powers of Detection - Late January 2005
5. Dead as a Doornail - End of January 2005
* "Dracula Night" from Many Bloody Returns -February 8th 2005
* "One Word Answer" from Bite- late February 2005
6. Definitely Dead - March 21st - March 31st 2005
* "Lucky" from Unusual Suspects - late April early May 2005
7. All Together Dead- week of September 19th 21- 2005 (Shortly after Hurricane Katrina)
8. From Dead to Worse - very last weeks of October 2005
* "Gift Wrap" from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe -Christmas Day, December 25th 2005.
9. Dead and Gone - Takes place first 2 week of January 2006
10. Dead in the Family - last weeks of January 2006
* "Two Blondes" from Death's Excellent Vacation- February 2006

Dec. 23rd, 2009


Ad: Getting to be a Habit

New fic project! Yeah, because I so need another one, haha.

Title: Getting to be a Habit
Authors: Amy tainted_crimson
Spoilers: Through Dead and Gone, with extremely subtle references to first chapter of Dead in the Family
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Charlaine Harris, though I'll be glad to take Eric off her hands anytime.

Summary: After an attack by the Fellowship forces Eric and Sookie to lead separate lives, how will they meet the day to day challenges facing all long distance relationships?

Read it over at habitwithme

Oct. 17th, 2009


Eric/Sookie theme

Frank Sinatra "You're Getting to be a Habit with Me"

Every kiss, every hug
Seems to act just like a drug
You're getting to be a habit with me

Let me stay in your arms
I'm addicted to your charms
You're getting to be a habit with me

I used to think your love was something that I could take or leave alone
But now I couldn't do without my supply
I need you for my own

Oh, I can't break away
I must have you everyday
As regularly as coffee or tea
You've got me in your clutches and I can't get free
You're getting to be a habit with me

Aug. 17th, 2009


2.09 Spoilers!

Because YouTube says no nakedness, there can be no linking to the Dream Scene of ADORABLE...

So here's the transcription!Collapse )

Aug. 6th, 2009


Excerpt for Scar References

Excerpt from Dead & GoneCollapse )

Jul. 20th, 2009


Scene Ideas

Bar Scene:

Sookie ends up in the bar (because bars are like a second home to her) along with whoever else, and someone notices the jukebox isn't working... (Thanks to Handy's messing with it, we're going to run with the idea that it's been kinda iffy about working properly.) So, Sookie tries to fix it!

"I used to work in a little bar in Shreveport that had a jukebox that was always breaking down and of course I had to fix it. I lasted about six months before I accidently listened in on my boss' thoughts; they weren't the nicest."

Library Scene: (with Eric and Watson)

Eric meets Watson in the library and they have a 'talk' about the doctory human things about which Eric has had concerns. What follows is a baffled Watson who isn't quite sure how to deal with "I've been dead for a thousand years; now I'm not." Eventually, Sookie wanders in and completely innocently inquires about the topic of conversation.

Meet the Mother-In-Law Scene: (with Eric and Lwaxana)

Sookie is all excited about introducing Eric to Lwaxana. Eric obviously wouldn't enjoy the meeting quite as much as Sookie.


Sookie goes to the dining hall to grab some dinner (possibly for her and Eric?) and relives the experience of being inside a hotel that's being bombed. Crystal breaking, tables falling over, floor shaking, the smell of smoke... But when she leaves the dining hall, all is well, despite the smell of smoke clinging to her clothes. Ends up in Eric's room, having a panic attack and trying to open her bottle of anxiety medicine.

Writer's Block: Investigations of a Female Nature

Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?
Sookie Stackhouse counts, right?

The series is, after all, called Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Jul. 14th, 2009


The Twitter Episode

If Sookie and Eric had Twitter, things might look a little like this...

@Sookie Aren't you off work yet?

@Eric No, not yet.

@Sookie I really need to have that conversation with the shifter...

@Eric Would you quit tweeting at me already?! I'm trying to work!

@Sookie Lover, however did you manage to make that sound so naughty?

@Eric It wasn't supposed to sound naughty, thank you.
@Eric Don't you have a JOB you're supposed to be doing?

@Sookie Yes. Annoying my wife.
@Sookie How am I doing so far?

@Eric 5 stars.
@Eric Go annoy Pam or something. I'll be done soon, I PROMISE.

@Sookie ...alright.
@Sookie I'll tell her YOU sent me!


Jul. 8th, 2009

just sookie

Lwaxana Troi icons

Icons made for the lovely Lwaxana Troi... credit tainted_crimson please.

You really do love her or hate her.Collapse )

Jul. 4th, 2009


Icons for Eric the Hot Viking

Since I'm an icon collector... Here are some that I've come across, for if Eric ever gets a haircut.

Also provides good drool material...Collapse )

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